Saturday, June 30, 2001

Opium, Bangalore

Carlton Towers

Behind TGIF

Airport Road

Ok, that Behind TGIF, is soon going to change to "TGIF is in the same complex as Opium u know". Yes Opium is opening on the 4th of July and I think the owner has something going here. There's some connection with the ownership of Purple Haze out here.

Opium is built on the lines of the Lounge Bars that have been gaining popularity in Mumbai. They have these sofas and really comfortable seating areas on one side. Chairs in the middle, and a huge bar at the other end. The lighting and paintings are supposed to represent dawn to dusk, so the sofa area is well lit up and this gradually darkens down till you reach the bar. The floor has these little lights in between. Kind of silvery walls. I felt it had a quality of understated chic and elegance.

The first thing u see as you enter is the DJ console located just at the entrance but way above it. Constant scrutiny still didn't help me identify how he ever got into that little way-up section -- there didn't seem to be a particular entry/exit point to get into that console. Final analysis: he uses a ladder to climb into that cubby hole of his, and then the ladder is taken away so he remains out-of-bounds for the rest of the evening.

This same guy is opening an open air restaurant next to Opium and an Indian restaurant next to that, so we were kind of sampling everything. If you ever go here, do have their Chocolate Mousse its better than anything i've tasted anywhere. As we were not shown a menu card, I am not too sure of the rates. But he said they would be commensurate with those of Sparks, Urban Edge and Mars 2211.

Music was decent and played at a reasonable decibel level. Try their chinese crispy fried vegetables. Their cocktails are also good. Well blended. Definitely worth a try.

Later changed my opinion, their food isnt good at all. Its this night n day kind of decor. N they no longer put in as much rum in the mousse as they did on the first day. "People Complained" or so they say


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