Saturday, September 16, 2006

Recommendations to Eat at in Hyderabad

Been busy with my upcoming move so haven't really posted in the last coupla months. Was browsing my haunt for food related questions Another Subcontinent where someone asked me to chip in on the Hyderabad discussion with my recommendations.

I'm reproducing my post here.

"Paradise does a good "special biryani" {mix of mutton & chicken} if u don't mind the oil. Its located just off the main road & any auto guy will take u there if u tell them.

Bawarchi's biryani is low on the masala. ITs more of a boiled rice mixed with coked chicken & this is not my type of biryani at all. Their quantity is solid tho.

My personal favorite in Hyderabad is "Hyderabad House" they have outlets all over the city & do a takeaway service & home delivery for a rs 30 charge. Their biryani is quite yummilicious & best eaten at the restaurant itself. If u r eating at hyderabad house, don't miss the shikampuri's. (I pack them & freeze them to bring back to Bombay when I visit hyderabad. ) The chicken roast is a slightly sweetish semi gravy item but worth trying. try the chicken 65 if u don't mind moderately spicy food.

Nayaab & Shadaab near the charminar do excellent biryani's. Ask for the AC section if u plan to eat at the restaurant. ITs slightly cleaner & people won't stare as much. They do some excellent spare parts too like brain, liver, kidneys, paya & tongue for the non-faint-hearted.

Abhiruchi near Nankind does a lovely biryani, low on oil. More of a pulao. But if u go to Abhiruchi to eat then definitely have their thali. Unlimited servings, the best ghee ever (I've lived in the cowbelt heartland too, but no better ghee than that served at Abhiruchi) If u want to turn the meal non vegetarian ask for a chicken roast or chicken liver masala as a side order.

The times food guide for Hyderabad is TERRIBLE. Absolutely useless compared to the Bombay & Delhi versions. The guy who writes it startes all reviews as "One of the best biryani's in hyderabad" or some similar statement. Its only good for having a ready reference to addresses & phone numbers.

Other places I would recommend
Dhola Ri Dhani on the outskirts of the city does a wonderful Rajasthani thali & the service is wonderful. The setting is that of a rajasthani village & the service is absolutely amazing. Its a little distance to cover but worth the drive for sure. Wonderfully tasty rajasthani veg food served with oodles of butter & love.

Haveli in the Lifestyle building does a great hyderabadi buffet for lunch at reasonable rates (around 150-200 per person) Biryani is always on the menu. gongura mamsam is a high possibility.

Ten downing street in the same building is also worth a trip for lunch for their amazing shepherds pie. The rest of the food is good too. For lunch they have an offer of main course + soup/softdrink/beer + dessert.

Ramazan is coming up soon & haleem will be available all over the city. definitely try & shift travel dates to try & get a taste of Hyderabadi Haleem.

Thats what i can remember off hand, will add more as i remember."


  1. is "chutney's" still around? i remember eating their wonderful steamed dosa with an array of chutneys and molagapodis and sambar - this was some time in 2002.


  2. sulee as in Arnab's wife sulee ? If so, I've heard wonderful stuff about yr Korean cooking :)

    I don't recall a retaurant by the name chutneys in Hyderabad, so maybe its no longer around. I'm not in Hyderabad anymore so can't be absolutely sure.

    Can check 4 u if u like

  3. brilliant write-up.
    neat, simple and very usable. very kim.

    i'm in agreement with you on the biryani review ( very difficult to get a hyderabadi to agree on biryani opinions ), but i suspect you haven't tried nizam club ( you'd need a member to get you in there, but the biryani and apricot puddings are quite the real deal ).

    "chutney's" is a small restaurant in banjara hills. used to be near nagarjuna circle. they serve an andhra take on udipi food, plus very andhra "meals". i suspect they still are there. they've recently opened a branch in ahmedabad ( sg highway, beyong karnavati club ).

  4. Sheshank,
    next time I'm in Hyd I'm calling u 4 yr contact who can get me into Nizams club or who can cring the Biryani back into town 4 me :)
    Come visit me here, we can do some kebab & kofta joints here.

  5. aye aye ma'am. egypt sounds amazing :)

    if you happen to drop in in hyd, gimme a buzz or send me a text. my number will be visible to you on orkut.

    peace and enjoy !

  6. chutneys???uncertain?.....guyz its de best place for south indian meals!.....i go there almost every south indian reataurant can eva compete wid chutneys...


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